Dretloh Aircraft Supply – a quality Repair Station for Interior Aircraft Refurbishment – was established in 1974 as one of the first to provide aircraft seat overhaul services for commercial aircrafts. We are considered one of the leaders in the industry with over 43 years experience to back us up.

First of all, of course, you need to figure out exactly what you’re looking for. After that, it’s a piece of cake. Our Managing Director, Randy Holte, takes us through 6 critical things to consider when overhauling used aircraft seats.

6 Things You Need to Think About Before Overhauling Used Aircraft Seats:


1. The condition of the seat.

Seats come in a variety of states, ranging from “as removed” to fully serviceable. You don’t want there to be any surprises. Carefully inspect the condition of every seat to make for an easier refurbishment.


2. Ask detailed questions.

Aside from inspecting the condition of the seat with your eyes, it’s important to ask detailed questions. There might be something about the wear and tear that you can’t see straight away. (For example, corrosion on metal underneath the seat.) If there are any underlying issues with the seats that you can’t see from the surface, you need to know about it.


3. What is the configuration of the plane going to look like?

If you have more room available, you have the luxury of going for a roomier seat. If you’re a little more constricted, you may have to consider the number of seats you’re looking to get. Are you offering in-flight entertainment? Will there be enough room for seat-back monitors? These are all deciding factors of what seats you can use.


4. Can the overhaul be completed within the time frame you require?

Time is always an issue. How quickly do you need the seats back for the aircraft to deliver? And is the work scope doable for that time frame? Where is the maintenance being done? Location is a major factor when figuring out if everything will be completed on schedule.


5. What extra details are required?

Another thing to consider – correlating with the above point – is the trim and finish. Are your desired details available in-house or must they be ordered in? And can they arrive within your time frame? You need to find out if the things you want need to be sourced or if they’re readily available.


6. Where is the aircraft maintenance being done?

Knowing where exactly the aircraft overhaul refurbishment is being done is crucial as it brings in shipping time and potential large costs if it needs to be expedited to make delivery on time (air freight vs. trucking). Figure out the location of the aircraft overhaul and try to plan your schedule from there – or vice versa.

A final thing to keep in mind is knowing your overall budget. Having specific limitations will affect what kind of seats you can get. Make sure you inspect everything up front so you can stay within your budget and get exactly what you want!