There are a few reasons that can cause aircraft seat overhaul problems in your refurbishment plans. From being too small to being beyond repair (like the above image) you can run into all sorts of problems that’ll stall your aircraft seat overhaul.

Here we take a look at five reasons why aircraft seat overhaul can be impossible.

Aircraft Seat Overhaul Problems: 5 Reasons That Make Seat Overhaul Difficult


1. If the seats are “beyond economical repair”

Seats that are BER (beyond economical repair) are seats that cause aircraft seat overhaul problems for the overhaul team. These are seats that we estimate the repair cost significantly exceeds a certain percentage of its replacement value. In other words, it’s not worth it (or impossible).

2. If not enough seats match the configuration or LOPA

As the LOPA determines the exact layout of the seats, we need to ensure the set of seats fit all the requirements – including any special positions. If an operator wants to go to a specific configuration and their seats do not meet requirements an overhaul will be impossible. However, you maybe able to reach out and find the additional required seats.


3. If the seats are not made for the aircraft type

Seats that are 9g cannot go into a 16g rated aircraft. A good percentage of the worldwide fleet and a majority of all new planes being built as 16g are designed to keep the passenger safe and help them get out of the aircraft asap. Though, there are still  9g seats for example,  767s, all the 737 classics and many A320s and A319s outside the U.S

4. If the time frame is too tight to make the required delivery

You need to make sure that you allow a reasonable amount of time to complete the aircraft seat overhaul. If the time frame is too tight, it could be impossible to complete the overhaul by the due date. Setting realistic time frames allow for the best results and permit our team to handle any last-minute changes too.

At Dretloh we are committed to precise delivery dates. We make sure our customers know they have time and that we truly care to deliver our promise.

5. If the seats need video installation but there’s no space for it

Despite many airlines removing in-seat video screens, not all airlines are jumping on the personal-screens bandwagon. The provisions for video in a seat are typically for a specific type of system. With that said, we can modify the provisioned areas to fit another type if the criteria can still be met.

Video system lead time is always a factor and modification, if required, takes additional time as well. These factors should all be considered when trying to meet a specific lead time. For example, when changing video or installing in a new system in any aircraft type (ex. A330, 777 etc) that meets HIC (head impact criteria) needs to be taken into account and in many cases re-tested.