As airplane seats get older, they tend to wear out. Ultimately, with heavy use they require periodic overhaul and upgrading. For example, the edges of the dress covers and fire block cushions can start to fray and tear. And the bottom and back diaphragms of seats also can fray if they are nylon. At any rate, there are many pros of aircraft seat overhaul.

We are known as the global “aircraft seat overhaul experts” here at Dretloh Aircraft Supply. With our highly experienced craftspeople and technicians, we know the ins and outs of repairs and refurbishments of aircraft seats and their components. We understand why the pros of aircraft seat overhaul outweigh buying new.

Here’s why refurbishment is the way to go!

The Pros of Aircraft Seat Modification Vs. Buying New

1. A lower cost

Rather than the expense of a new seat, a variety of changes can literally lead to the creation of a “new seat” with less cost. After all, you’ll be working with the base already. New seats are not cheap especially when you talk about IFE or video. It’ll be less expensive because instead of purchasing an entire new seat you’re re-working the current one.

2. Customization

A wide variety of aircraft seat features may need to be customized to fit with an individual brand. Such changes can be expensive when you’re starting from scratch. However, with the quality we produce, the customer gets a seat that is like brand new – including changing hardware and other requirements as well.

3. Lead time

Another one of the pros of aircraft seat modification is that you’ll be able to get faster delivery than buying new. For example, with OEM you have to order way in advance. But with aircraft seat refurbishment, you’ll have a base to start with and only make the necessary customizations.

We have extensive experience creating “like new” seats for commercial fleets. We believe that overhaul is the route to go if timing and cost are a factor in the acquisition of new seats.