Two Words: Artificial Intelligence

You hear the words pretty often these days as a term that’s used loosely. Artificial Intelligence is applicable to various industries including finance, healthcare, retail, science, and the world of aviation. Artificial Intelligence or AI, is defined as an area of computer science that utilizes technology or devices to act smarter than humans. So why does AI interest us? AI is transforming the way we work, live, and collect data. And AI can help us leverage technology in many ways to improve the MRO industry and our services here at Dretloh. Let’s review how Artificial Intelligence and the MRO Industry are transforming our world of aviation.

The Process

In the aviation industry, the inspection and care of aircraft parts is a top priority. The original equipment manufacturers, MROs, and workers team together in diagnosing the current aircraft. The demand for more efficient processes is always at the forefront and evolving. Any solutions that can help assist will save the companies’ time, resources, and investment.

The slightest advances in the aviation MRO industry can push operations and results to new levels. The nature of our field is high-cost and asset-intensive. With that, prescriptive maintenance allows us to have an advantage and artificial intelligence can help too.

Artificial Intelligence and the MRO Industry

What is prescriptive maintenance? First, we have to explain predictive analysis and how it relates to the MRO industry. Predictive analysis consists of two key components. The descriptive side of analysis identifies an event occurrence. A diagnostic test then helps the system to understand why the event is occurring. According to a press release from Avia Solutions Group,”…reports claim that adopting predictive maintenance through the use of data analysis can reduce maintenance budgets by 30-40%.”

Artificial intelligence works into the predictive maintenance program many MRO companies have in place. The technology helps identify any issues proactively. Following identification, the AI will be smart enough to create and issue a work order. This will help move along inspection and repair processes so that they begin immediately.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

A key part of AI is that as time passes, the system develops and learns from the data. The technology will be used to better predict analysis for a more accurate forecast of the expiry dates of aircraft parts. In the future, AI will continue to transform our approach and help reduce the cost of repair in the MRO industry. We look forward to the advancements in Artificial Intelligence and the MRO Industry as it relates to our company developments at Dretloh.