Aircraft Seat Repair, Overhaul and Refurbishment

Aircraft Seat Repair
Aircraft Seat Repair
Aircraft Seat Repair

Whatever your needs are, Dretloh Aircraft Supply can help. We specialize in aircraft seat repair, overhaul and refurbishment. From I.R.A.N (Inspect and Repair as Necessary) to full seat overhaul including cushions, dress covers, plastics, structural parts and hardware replacement, we can serve all of your requirements.


In addition, our complete design, engineering and certification services allow us to meet very specific customer needs – from broad scope maintenance programs to seat rotation services and lease returns. Due to our outstanding reputation, we are confident that you will be satisfied with Dretloh’s aircraft seat repair, overhaul and refurbishment.


Furthermore, our fully equipped workshop caters for the overhaul and repair of a variety of aircraft seats of all classes.


Dretloh offers a variety of aircraft seat repairs and modifications from new dress covers to power supply installation and IFE upgrades.

IFE upgrades could include new monitors, power supplies, USB and power outlets. Also, electrical harnesses and new fairings are often manufactured and installed as part of the installation kit.

Dretloh Aircraft Supply has the capability to modify 9g and 16g seats to meet customer specific needs and LOPA requirements.


Dretloh is certified in the repair of all seat makes/models, old and new. A few of the suppliers we’ve worked with are Avio, Sicma, and Zodiac, although this list frequently changes. Please inquire directly to learn about current suppliers. 


Our service is completed with issuance of Dual Release 8130-3 tag and/or 8110-3 documentation, as required. In addition, we can provide Flammability Test Reports (TPR) and include all FAA and EASA required documentation.

Passenger Seats (9G and 16G)
  • Business Class Seats
  • First Class Seats
  • Premium Economy Class Seats
  • Economy Class Seats
Crew Seats
  • Pilot/Co-Pilot Seats
  • Navigator/Flight Engineer Seats
  • Flight Attendant Seats

Dretloh Aircraft Supply, INC.

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