Personal space is an issue we come into contact with every day. From who’s invading ours to how much we need to be satisfied. However, it gets that much worse on airplanes. Airplane seats are cramped enough without taking into consideration the recline. And what about non-reclining airplane seats?

No one likes the idea of airlines charging for every single service. However, what about paying to be able to recline your seat? And on the other hand, being paid not to recline you seat. As a result, many lower-tier seat companies are now making aircraft seats like those you would find on a bus. They have no recline. Even some of the major airlines have done this as well.

But the real question is, how happy are travelers with non-reclining airplane seats?

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As airlines move towards slimline, no cushions, cheaper seats—what does this mean for the average passenger? After all, not everyone can afford the luxury of flying first class. And if we’re being completely honest, even first class seats aren’t what they used to be. The cheaper seats that airlines are now leaning towards (no pun intended) have little to no recline at all. If they go back at all, it’s extremely little.

At one point in time, Dretloh was considering building non-reclining airplane seats as well. However, we didn’t get around to completing the plan. Accordingly, there are many manufacturers out there right now who are competing for the same piece of the market!

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Research suggests passengers would be willing to bargain on flights to determine whether or not the person in front could recline their seat. A few passengers have even gone as far as to use a “Knee Defender”—a device designed to stop the seat in front of your from reclining. Therefore, saving your leg room. However, most airlines ban its use.

So, would you fly with non-reclining airplane seats? What if you could pay less for a seat that didn’t recline? Or were paid to keep your seat in an upright position? We’re thinking it wouldn’t be so bad on a short-haul flight but for anything over 6 hours, we’d like to be able to keep our options open! Tweet to us @dretloh and let us know your thoughts!