There is a lot that goes into aircraft seat comfortability. From the density of the foam to what sort of fabrics are used. As a result, many different factors decide whether your flight will be a comfortable or dreadful one. Well, maybe that not that bad but it’s still no┬áLa-Z-Boy! At Dretloh we always aim to make seats the most comfortable that we can. After all, that’s what we specialize in!

So, what exactly goes into aircraft seat comfortability?


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1. Choosing the right foam

We usually handle this ourselves. Ultimately, our selection is based on the original cushion’s density. However, we use very high resilient polyurethane too! There is one common density we use, generally speaking, that fits most applications and is comfortable and gives the operator long service life. There are times we may soften it up with a layer of lighter density foam on top but its not that often we need to do that.

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2. Adding extra softness

That’s one way to add some softness. We will also use a softer layer down the center of the backs at times too if we feel, based on the shapes/thickness of the cushions, that it’s best to do that in order to make it most comfortable. After all, who doesn’t love a bit of extra comfort in their aircraft seats?! We definitely do.

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3. Which fabrics you use

The final factor that adds to aircraft seat comfortability is what kind of fabric you use. If you’re using a stiff leather it may not be as comfortable as a softer fabric. However, once the leather wears in it will be more comfortable too! There are also lot’s of different types of leathers in varying levels of softness, which is a major contributor to aircraft seat comfort.

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