A & D Foam Products specializes in aircraft interior seat cushions and supplies the latest technology in aircraft seat foam to the aviation industry

Our aircraft seat cushions are fabricated from the most advanced fire-resistant foam products that combine the optimum characteristics of resiliency, durability and weight-saving factors.
All of our aircraft seat foam cushions are fabricated using a unique high-speed process. The benefits of this process allow us to produce bottoms, backs, headrests, armrests and leg rests that are extremely comfortable, lightweight and economical.
We supply aircraft seat foam cushions to international and domestic airlines, aircraft seat manufacturers, and aircraft manufacturers worldwide.
Our Engineering/Design department can create new cushion designs as well as work from samples, drawings, or solid models. As well as, we can certify the compliance of our designs to FAR 25.853 (a) and (c).
Our in-house sewing department gives us the ability to fire block the cushions, sew and install the dress cover and ship the completed parts to your door – ready to install. This process saves you considerable cost and gives a whole new meaning to just-in-time!

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