Lifespan of a Commercial Aircraft

On average, an aircraft’s life expectancy is somewhere around 25 to 30 years before it needs to be decommissioned. Each manufacturer determines the lifespan per aircraft. Boeing 747s can handle up to 35,000 pressurization cycles and anywhere from 135,000 to 165,000 flight time hours. Some wide-body planes have shorter lifespans of 24 years. Are you in need of an update to the interior cabin of your aircraft? At Dretloh, we offer options for leather aircraft seat and upholstery repairs as well as refurbishment to commercial aircraft interiors.


New Versus Refurbished Aircraft Seats

During the lifetime of an aircraft, it will require constant maintenance and repairs. Usually for a commercial aircraft, an overhaul project can cost much less to refurbish an existing plane and can be much more cost-effective than buying anything that’s new. In fact, new seats today carry a price tag that is at least five or six times more expensive than the cost of refurbishment.


Before and After of a professional Dretloh Aircraft overhaul at the headquarters location in Anaheim, CA.

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When we build aircraft interior seat cushions, our number one priority is to make our passengers as comfortable as possible. Our company can help you meet these goals through its control of the many variables that make up a specific cushion: hardness (firmness), rake angle, cushion geometry, cushion material, dress cover material, cushion thermal properties, density, seat geometry and Velcro positioning. We will help you develop the right cushion for your seating needs, from long haul to short haul, from economy to first class.

Our skilled on-site team can assist with the design of new products or produce exact replicas of your current cushions and dress covers. All materials used conform to FAR 25.853 and are provided with proper certification. Dretloh also provides flammability testing and reports in accordance with FAA Regulations 14 CFR 25.853 (a), (c) and (d). We manufacture standard, fire-blocked and flotation seat cushions and covers for all seat models including passenger and crew.

Our in-house sewing department gives us the ability to fire block the cushions, sew and install the dress cover and ship the completed parts to your door – ready to install. This process saves you considerable cost and gives a whole new meaning to just-in-time!

Seats Available For Sale

Contact our customer service team regarding aircraft seats we are currently selling: BE 985 with Leather Covers for 757 AC, 16G compatible or any 757. Completely overhauled seats and the structures are like new.