Here at Dretloh, we are passionate about aircraft cabin design. Our latest article discusses the transformation of aircraft cabin design from the past to now.

How has aircraft cabin design evolved?

So much has changed in air travel since the1950s and 1960s. These were the Pan American travel days! Also known as the Golden Age of Flying. We imagine a vibrant, lavish era in which our every comfort and requirement is catered to. This former cabin design has evolved and taken on a new style. At the inception of air travel, the roomy aircraft cabins were often frequented by business travelers. The glamorous patrons that were able to afford to buy a seat. The airline industry was new and exciting, filled with an air of sophistication for its time.

An American Airlines jetliner hosted a fashion show in 1959, which touted models using the airplane aisle as a catwalk in the sky.

aircraft cabin design

PHOTO: Courtesy of the Pan Am Historical Foundation

aircraft cabin design

PHOTO: Courtesy of the Pan Am Historical Foundation

What does a traveler expect or demand from their traveling experience in 2018?

In 60 years, the aircraft cabin design and air travel industry has gone through multiple transformations. Today, it is booming and overcrowded. Possibly due to air travel being more affordable than ever before. Having more foot traffic at the airport requires more seats and less legroom on the airplane. All of which force changes in aircraft design, narrower cushions and can sometimes cause cramping in cabins. This reality poses new challenges to all aviation designers, engineers, and experts in our industry.

How are aircraft cabins changing to offer a better traveling experience?

Through new designs, aircraft configurations are becoming sleeker and more compact. Technology in seat cushioning has provided the travel industry with higher quality materials and more economical options.


aircraft cabin design

PHOTO: Delta One® Suite

At the 2017 Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany, Crystal Cabin Awards were granted for aircraft cabin design and innovation. Awards were given for the following:

  • A new privacy partition. Built within the business class cabin to provide the passenger a first-class feel.
  • A revolutionary, ergonomic seat design. The design is made using 30 percent less material.
  • A cabin cleaning device that kills bacteria or viruses. It uses ultraviolet C lighting to clean.


A leader in aircraft production.

With research and technology, the air travel experience is constantly improving.

After being in the aircraft refurbishment industry for more than 40 years, Dretloh is always researching ways to improve and maximize service offerings to our clientele. Our team at Dretloh Aircraft Supply has been proud to participate in the transformations over the years, including special request designs for American sports teams and servicing a variety of leasing companies.

We specialize in refurbished commercial aircraft, including the latest in overhaul services. We have an established, internal proprietary process that affords us a unique competitive advantage in meeting deadlines within limited time frames. We use only the most advanced fire-resistant foam products. These cushions are becoming more intuitive with the use of breathable foams and fabrics. The materials allow the seat to maintain a cooler temperature for added comfort.

Most of all, we know that the aviation industry demands leaders. Especially leaders that can supply highly durable, resilient, and weight-saving aircraft cushions. Our team at Dretloh delivers. It is our top priority to make our passengers as comfortable as possible, and we plan to do that for another 40 years and beyond.