The latest alternative in-flight entertainment (IFE) option is more affordable, simpler, and efficient. How does it stand up to the traditional, installed in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) system most airlines use? One thing is for sure: it’s getting the attention of airlines. So, what is this alternative IFE option and should we consider it?

Regional aircraft traveling on short-haul routes do not always find connectivity as a necessary amenity. Especially, if they are ultra-low-cost airlines not wanting to spend the extra money. Even some major long-haul carriers are reluctant to installing very high-cost IFEC systems. However, aircraft that travel on long-haul routes are usually equipped with the latest IFE system on-board to keep the passengers happy — so how can the cost of this necessity for our clients be reduced while still offering a world-class passenger experience?

Let’s consider factors involved in setting up advanced IFE hardware that’s compatible with today’s commercial aircraft.

As technology advances, so do passenger expectations. The IFE hardware is a revolving door that regularly needs to be updated. Consider the amount of storage space necessary for vast libraries of content all on demand. The content must be sourced, screened, curated, and negotiated for pricing and rights.

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It’s Affordable

Global Eagle Entertainment has launched an all-in-one portable in-flight entertainment solution called the Airconnect Go, for all commercial aircraft especially regional carriers. The company expects that the new IFE system will enable large airlines to provide a consistent entertainment experience across their fleets and provide regional carriers with a low-cost IFE option.

It’s Simpler

Airconnect Go maintains is competitive edge by offering more than just a box. With the Airconnect Go from Global Eagle Entertainment, bundles include entertainments products along with management services to create a fully customizable experience with the airlines. Others competing for wireless IFE products in this space include Wow, Bluebox, and more. The differentiating factor with the Airconnect Go is that it requires zero installations, fits conveniently in the overhead bins, and provides passengers with the option to stream content to personal electronic devices by logging in through the airline portal or app. Essentially, it’s B.Y.O.D. or bring-your-own-device for connectivity. The Go box lasts for 15 hours before it needs a recharge and allows streaming to more than 50 users at a time.

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It’s Efficient

The Airconnect Go video-on-demand system can be updated wirelessly through 4G/LTE cellular communications.

The Wireless Alternative IFE Option – In a Box? Our conclusion.

The options for IFEC are endless, but the battle for best IFE option is proving worthy of review. The latest IFE in a box is an alternative ption for airlines or clients seeking a clear choice that’s inexpensive, simple, and easy-to-use. We know it’s different than the usual built-in connectivity because it doesn’t provide passengers with independent seatback screens however, we think the wireless alternative IFE option in a box is worth considering especially for clients and airlines looking for something else, something less costly than the full IFEC system. It seems like an option that will continue along the trends of the world — relevant content, more options, better pricing, easy to update and maintain, and tech-forward.

Will you consider an alternative IFE for your next overhaul? We would like to hear from you!